As physiotherapists, most of our input with our clients is face-to-face. However, there may be certain situations where, for whatever reason, you may not be able to come and see us in clinic or have us come to see you at home, but still require some form of assessment, treatment and advice. In such circumstances, we need to have an alternative way of delivering our service to you.

We have therefore introduced PhysioConnect to the list of services that we offer at PEAK Physiotherapy Limited. This service allows us to offer you an online consultation via a video link, thus enabling us to assess, monitor and progress your rehabilitation in real time, but remotely.

Whether you are new to our service or an existing client who simply needs a progression of their home exercise programme, PhysioConnect allows us to communicate with you and literally stay connected!

What will my session include?

Your initial consultation (or assessment) session will comprise a detailed history-taking so that we can establish the mechanism of any injury and how your symptoms are behaving and affecting your day-to-day life. We will be able to observe your ranges of movement and may ask you to perform various activities that will demonstrate your ability in certain key areas, all of which guides us in ascertaining the nature of your problem.

We will then be able to offer you appropriate advice and education to help you self-manage your problem, and we will also provide you with an online home exercise programme to start you off on your rehabilitation journey. You will be able to comment and leave feedback for us via this programme so we can monitor your adherence and progress in between your sessions with us.

Exercise Programmes


We expect this initial session to last around 45 minutes.

Follow up consultations will include a brief discussion together with a re-assessment of your progress. Further advice and exercise progression can then be implemented as appropriate.

We suggest that you allow approximately 30 minutes for these subsequent sessions, which can be discussed with your physio. We also provide a 20 minute follow up session should this be more appropriate.



What are the costs?

We do appreciate that working via a video link does have its limitations regarding ‘hands-on’ treatment and we clearly will not be able to offer you any massage, manipulation or acupuncture treatment during these sessions.

However, we are still able to provide our time and expertise, and you will of course have access to our online exercise software with an individually designed programme to suit your needs.

The initial virtual consultation session costs £40 and follow up virtual consultations cost £30 or £20 per session respectively.

How do I book?

There are several different ways that you will be able to access this service and arrange an appointment:

  1. Book online here <<BOOK NOW>>
  2. Give us a call – simply ring Sarah on 07908 684441 and let us know that you would like to book an appointment with PhysioConnect.
  3. Via social media – visit our Facebook page (PEAK Physiotherapy Limited) and click through via the ‘Book Now’ button.

We will need to take some basic details from you (name, date of birth, contact telephone and e-mail address) to secure the booking, then you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the information you will need.

We do ask that you make payment upfront please (as we will not be seeing you in person to be able to do this!) which will secure your timeslot. Information about how to pay will be detailed in the confirmation e-mail but will include BACS payment into our account (preferred) or Paypal for Paypal/credit card payments.

Can I choose my therapist?

The PhysioConnect service will be accessible across our team so if you have a preference as to who you speak to, do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this. Sessions will depend on individual availability though so please bear with us if it is not always possible to deal with your primary choice of therapist.

Please rest assured that we have a very experienced team of specialist physiotherapists so, whichever member of our team does guide your journey, you will be in safe (virtual) hands.

Will my private medical insurance cover this session?

We have contacted all the insurance companies with whom we work, to let them know about our online service. Many of the major companies (including AXA-PPP and BUPA) have embraced this virtual option and have agreed to cover the cost of these sessions in the same way as they would a face-to-face appointment.

Please check with your therapist at the time of booking your PhysioConnect appointment to ensure that your insurance policy is included in the list.

If you have been referred to us by a third-party insurance company (through work or via your Solicitor or Case Manager as may be appropriate), you may also be covered for an online session. However, this is not the case with all referrers so again, you will need to check with your therapist before arranging the appointment.

You will still be able to book a PhysioConnect session but you would be liable to cover the cost IF your insurance policy will not do so.

Any questions?

If you have any additional queries about the service or whether it may be appropriate for you to access, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can be contacted by phone on 07908 68441 or by e-mail to

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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