Musculoskeletal Service

The musculoskeletal system includes muscles, joints, bones, cartilage, ligaments, fascia, nerves and other associated soft tissues. Problems and injuries can occur to any of these structures, suddenly or over a period of time, and are responsible for causing pain, reduced movement, weakness and a subsequent loss of normal function. Musculoskeletal injury can result from overuse of a muscle (repetitive strain), poor posture over time leading to abnormal tissue stresses, sports injuries such as strains and sprains, falls, and direct blows to tissue.

Musculoskeletal ServicePhysiotherapy plays an important part in the rehabilitation of the body following such an injury, using manual and exercise therapies to affect pain, restore movement, strengthen muscles and encourage normal movement patterns. Other adjuncts to physiotherapy, such as acupuncture, can also be useful in achieving this.

At PEAK Physiotherapy Limited we have a team of physiotherapists with a wealth of experience in assessing, diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries. Indeed some of our physiotherapists specialise in certain injuries and body areas. We can therefore provide highly skilled physiotherapeutic rehabilitation for any musculoskeletal injury, easing your pain and ensuring your speedy return to the activities that you love.

We also have a team who are experienced Sports Massage Therapists. They provide a sports massage service from our clinics across West Yorkshire and can offer a range of treatments to address soft tissue and neuro-muscular issues to aid injury prevention, recovery and sports performance.

For more information on specific musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, please visit our conditions treated section.

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