Find out what our clients think about PEAK Physiotherapy, below are a few testimonials from our clients.

  • "Very happy with treatment, worked wonders. Glad to get back to full fitness, thanks. "
    John T, Guiseley
  • "I've had back pain for around 30 years and, having tried all kinds of treatments and seen many practitioners, I was becoming desperate. My physio at PEAK Physiotherapy has given me an exercise routine – explained clearly and professionally – that has reduced my pain hugely. Utterly delighted with my treatment, and a great big thank you. "
    Simon H, Leeds
  • "I had seen several other practitioners for a long term injury without success before finding PEAK Physiotherapy. Within a few sessions you had not only diagnosed the problem (which others failed to do) but I immediately started to see improvements. I am now totally well and am very grateful for your help as it is so nice to be pain free! You were also very knowledgeable and adapted your treatment to cater for the fact I am training at an elite level in my sport (whereas others told me to stop training!). I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others and indeed my husband is now booked in to see you too! "
    Susan W, Leeds
  • "PEAK Physiotherapy has played a significant role in my combating painful systemic psoriatic arthritis. A highly professional approach coupled with a balanced system of massage, neural stretching and acupuncture means that I am able to live a normal and chemically free life despite having multiple joint inflammation. Many thanks. "
    Simon B, Guiseley
  • "After being diagnosed with bilateral dysplasia of my hips, I was referred to PEAK Physiotherapy by my consultant. Having trained as a professional dancer I am used to a very active life and I am naturally very flexible. When I started treatment with Sarah I was in constant pain, extremely stiff and walking any distance was very difficult and painful. As a result of the treatment provided by PEAK Physiotherapy I am in considerably less pain and can now walk fairly long distances with ease, swim regularly and attend several Yoga classes a week. Sarah and I have been able to reduce the frequency of our sessions over time and I manage my condition between sessions with the exercises she provides. "
  • "I have recommended the services of PEAK Physiotherapy to several friends and colleagues, who have all reported very favourable experiences of their treatment and I would not hesitate to recommend PEAK Physiotherapy again. "
    Saskia C, Leeds
  • "I am pleased to say that after my Achilles Tendon Repair, Sarah Joice performed a miracle and had me running within 3 months. Due to the diligence, hard work and encouragement from Sarah I was also able to start skiing on an indoor slope 8 months following the surgery and am now able to go on my planned family skiing holiday in December. This is only 10 months following my Tendon Repair which at the time of my operation seemed like a pipe dream. I am pleased to say that Sarah's knowledge, expertise and physio care made my goal achievable. Sarah, many thanks for all your patience, support and encouragement. "
    Peter J, Leeds
  • "The team at PEAK Physiotherapy gave me excellent treatment and support through the initial stages of my recovery. I was able to make regular appointments at times and places that were convenient to me. Thanks. "
    Mark A, Guiseley
  • "I have suffered with a bad back, neck and sore hip for more than 20 years following a number of whiplash and other injuries. I have tried a number of treatments over time, including Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, even surgical intervention and was seeing a Harley Street Chiropractor for a few years. I am more than happy to recommend PEAK Physiotherapy – the physio I see has excellent in-depth knowledge, understanding and technical skills and has really helped me regain flexibility and strength and vastly reduced my pain so that I can really start to work harder in the gym to regain my core fitness. "
    Rachel H, Leeds
  • "I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your professionalism, patience and kindness during our rehabilitation sessions. Thanks to you, ‘The Leg’ is nearly back to pre-accident state, so much so, I will be sailing around Ireland at the end of this month – a challenge I thought impossible before my treatment with you. So for all the times when I didn't want to go that extra mile (and believe me, I didn’t!); for the moments when I nearly gave in; for your humour, expertise and determination in getting me off the crutches and back onto the sea…thank you. I hope the metalwork floats! "
    Lizzie W, Leeds
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